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No Ghouls Allowed is Wicked Fun!

No Ghouls Allowed - Victoria Laurie

Two words ~ Wicked! Fun! This is the 9th installment for the M.J. Holliday "Ghost Hunter Mysteries" and it was one of the most exciting and emotional adventures yet! M.J.'s daddy is getting hitched again so, at long last, we get to meet some of M.J. and Gilley's 'family' & by family, I don't just mean by blood. It was wonderful to finally be able to see some of what made M.J. into the incredibly strong and amazing character that she is, especially getting to see her close relationship with her mother who had passed on - the feelings of warmth that embraced M.J. whenever she was around had me reaching for the kleenex and meeting Gilley's mother was also a nice peek at Gilley's inner flame! Character development is one of Ms. Laurie's many fine talents, along with how she beautifully handles some pretty dark subject matter that resonated with me on a very personal level.
I will tell you that while I am not a huge fan of horror movies, I have, of course, seen some of the classics and the one that scared me the most just happened to be 'The Exorcist'- specifically because it was supposedly based on true events. At this point in my life, I truly believe that there is evil in this world and that most of it is man made. Some things, however, cannot always be so easily explained so the more I read about M.J.'s spooks, the more I wonder...should I invest in some industrial sized magnets myself -*nervous laughter*. Either way, this author gives me actual goosebumps and major chills honestly running down my spine. I will even admit to sleeping with the lights on (cuz you know that the ghosties & monsters under the bed can't get you if you have the covers pulled up over your head and the lights shinning brightly all night long, right?)during the three nights it took me to devour this book. I could almost feel the evil seeping from the inky black demonic spooks found in the pages of this mystery and the twists & turns in this one definitely had me guessing till the very end. Each book in this series just gets better and better. I totally adore this author and if you don't have her on your auto-buy list, you absolutely SHOULD!

Please Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Lover at Last - J.R. Ward

Finally. Sometimes, when you finish reading a book, you are so utterly wrecked that you just need some recovery time. This is how I feel after every J.R. Ward book I read. But this book...these two characters... FINALLY coming together in an emotional and absolutely beautiful love story, I need a few days to recover. Blay & Qhuinn have always belonged together and their story reduced me to tears as well as offering a sense of euphoria and joy that there are people out there that understand the true meaning of unconditional love. (Blay's parents - I'm looking at YOU!) I'm going to go wring myself out and get ready for the next story in this incredible saga. *Girly sigh*

Blind Faith - Rebecca Zanetti

This was my first taste of this author's work and let me just say...YUM! This is book 3 of the Sin Brothers series and focused on Nate and the woman he couldn't forget, Audrey. There were plenty of twists & turns, lots of gut-wrenching action that had me on the edge of my seat, a nice sprinkling of some steamy goodness (that we all know is my favorite kind - *wink*) and while it didn't TECHNICALLY have a cliffhanger ending, it did leave me with the intense desire to see what happens next with the Dean/Gray/Sin brothers. While I feel like I was able to understand everything starting here (at the 3rd book in the series) I know that when I read the first two, I will be able to experience the brothers' stories with so much more feeling & the emotional content will be that much better for me. I already have them downloaded to my Nook, now I just need to find the time...and the 4th book which is Jory's story won't be too far behind! My only problem with this book (and I hesitate to call it a 'problem') is the title. I'm just not sure where it came from. Nobody in this book had to do anything based on blind faith. The lead characters had a history and obviously still cared for each other, and I couldn't find any other relationship that this phrase could have been about. If anyone can enlighten me, please let me know. It is such an incredible book, I feel like I must have missed something with the title...

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Take My Breath Away - Christie Ridgway

Oh the feels! This was a wonderful story of 'townie girl' meets 'vacationing rich boy'. In this case, the townie girl (Poppy) is a sweet and optimistic single mom eeking out an existence by trying to reestablish her family's dilapidated mountain cabins and the vacationing rich boy (Ryan) happens to be a notorious ex-child-star running from his own personal tragic past. The characters are absolutely brilliant. The author breathes life into a wonderful cast that includes Poppy's endearing preschool son Mason as well as a secondary love story with Poppy's cousin Charlie and Ryan's brother Linus. The story itself has a few twists and turns, a nice amount of steamy sexy goodness, and as the story is nearing the finish line...the tugging of the heartstrings commences. Being a single mom myself, I could almost feel my heart being torn in two as I read, tears staining the pages as I foraged on. Thank goodness for authors who adore happy endings like I do! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series and this time, I will be prepared with my box of tissues!

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Midnight Pursuits - Elle Kennedy
Loved this SO much! I can't believe this is my first taste of this author's works! This was amazing, incredible, wonderful & filled with steamy goodness! Both of the lead characters had emotional baggage as well as razor wits that they utilized quite a bit - trading barbs between sly glances at each other. The plot was action packed and the pacing was perfect and the sex was absolutely HOT! And even though I'm starting out with the 4th book in this series, I don't feel like I've missed anything important to this book's plot - although I will DEFINITELY be going back to get the first 3 and grabbing the 5th as soon as it comes out! Yet another author to add to my auto-buy list! 
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Wild Child - Molly O'Keefe

*Whew* This was an emotional roller coaster for both of the lead characters. They both started out so alone and trapped behind their own self-made walls and it's almost a miracle that they actually found their way to each other. Watching their guarded hearts open up and bloom was wonderful! There was so much turmoil and angst, the reader could have gotten lost in the fog of anger & mistrust but luckily there was plenty of steamy goodness to pull you out of that funk from time to time. Whoa boy howdy, that first intimate scene when Jackson comes back to Monica's hotel room after her initial rejection! Talk about incendiary!!! *Fanning myself* There were plenty of sub-plots to keep you on your toes with quirky & likeable secondary characters. I know the next Bishop boy is Brody and I'm looking forward to reading all about this broody hunk as soon as it comes out but I am truly hoping that Shelby gets her own story soon! 

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There's Wild, Then There's You (A Wild Ones Novel) - M. Leighton

I have no idea why I'm surprised with how wonderful this book was - I loved the last book I read by this author & I guess I just forgot how lovely her work is. I was only disappointed in the cover - since I got an ARC, I didn't get the amazing cover that is pictured here - I LURV the whole black & white with only a touch of color thing! The story itself was incredible. I even loved the back & forth POV between Jet & Violet. The pacing was spot on and the characters were well thought out. The only thing I though the story could use was a little more about the conflict between Jet & his mother. I get the gist of what the issue was but I think it would have resonated even more if it could have been spelled out a bit - maybe in a conversation he could have had with Violet? The sex was hot & steamy - just the way I like it! And the emotional angles definitely packed a wallop! And even though I really don't like the 'new adult' sub-genre, I will definitely be reading more from this author - she opens my eyes to something new in each book! 

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Down to You - M. Leighton

At first glance, this seemed to be one of those "new adult" novels that I just can't seem to get into these days. It has all the right elements, (as far as I can tell) but as I continued to read, I have to admit, the story really did suck me in. The first person POV threw me a little in the beginning but I got used to it quickly enough and then, actually enjoyed the flow of back and forth between the characters. I am so glad that this author decided to have each chapter captioned with who was talking, this really made it so much easier to follow! I loved both Cash & Nash and did not see the twist coming, which is unusual for me so I have to give props where props are due, and Olivia made for a very likeable (albeit very young for me) lead character. I'm actually looking forward to reading the next installment - I am very happy that I was pleasantly surprised with this author.

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Carolina Girl - Virginia Kantra

Sorry this took me so long - I started this book right before I went in for surgery, not even thinking that I might be a little groggy and not really up to concentrating on a great book for a little bit, but finally, I woke up enough to be able to pay attention to all the words floating in front of my face. Oh and what wonderful words they were! This is the second installment for this series and I am really, truly loving it! My son and I went on vacation last year with a few of my friends down to a beach house in the Outer Banks - BEST VACATION EVER! Honestly, this series really captures the essence of what I felt about the island myself. The characters in this series just get more and more fleshed out and so beautifully human and flawed, they feel like family and the various storylines are interwoven with such care, I think I actually cried twice. (I know, maybe some wacky surgery hormonal imbalance played a little part in that too but the two scenes just really hit home for me.) I am more than a little awed by Ms. Kantra's talent and would move to Dare Island in a heartbeat if I could. I can't wait for the next book which looks to be the youngest brother Luke's story! I am soooo glad I won a copy of this book!

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Carolina Home - Virginia Kantra

This book brought back some bittersweet and beautiful memories for me. Reading it brought back the sights, sounds, and even the scents of a misspent summer, long ago during my college years. The sun, the sand, the boys....oh how I love the beach! Reading about Allison's determination to set down real roots and find a place to call home coupled with reading about Matt's struggle to adapt to the abrupt changes in his and his family's lives gave me moments of pause, thinking about my own life and the paths I've chosen. I enjoyed their chemistry and I really liked the secondary characters in Matt's family. Being a single Mom myself, their stories definitely helped to personalize this book for me, endearing itself even more than the beach environment. My only complaint was the incredibly quick HEA ending. I think I have whiplash from reading the last few pages. I also never knew that getting a live plant from your man was the same thing as a marrige proposal. Even so, I am looking forward to the next installment of this series which is going to be Meg's story, so it's all good. I'll be ready for another pleasant jolt of nostalgia.

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Cursed - S.J. Harper

OK, I will admit that the first person POV kinda threw me at first and yes, it did take me a while (the whole book actually) to really get into the cadence & rhythm of this point of view, but the story - wow! Loved it! This story has it all - urban fantasy meets paranormal romance with a touch of mythology - a kickass heroine, a sexy were, a beautiful witch, a heartless goddess, a powerful vampire, sizzling sex scenes, and tragic backstories. The siren's tale was just absolutely fascinating as well as heartbreaking. I definitely want MORE! I loved Zack with Emma but Kallistos...oh myyyy! I want to know so much more about all of the characters, from Emma's other 2 fallen sisters to Zack's ex-pack mates, and especially the dark & alluring K. (Did I mention I'm a sucker for the bad boy ancient & powerful vampire trope?) So, Team S.J. Harper - get writing!! 
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Brownies and Broomsticks - Bailey Cates

I thoroughly enjoyed this debut to a delightful new series. I always love it when I can't guess right off the bat who-dunit. The pacing for this story was just right, not too fast and not too slow. I want to know more about all of the characters so I'm hoping the author fleshes them out a bit more in the next book. What I liked best was the author's treatment of witchcraft. It feels like she did her homework on the subject while adding her own personal touches involving her own philosophies ~ bravo! I can't wait to see what the future holds for Katie and her wonderful new bakery! 
FTC Advisory: I won a copy of this book through the GoodReads First Reads program.

Scream For Me: A Novel of the Night Hunter - Cynthia Eden

Absolutely incredible! I love everything Cynthia Eden writes and this 3rd installment of the "For Me" series was brilliant. When "Die For Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer" came out I thought it was the start of a new series about the Valentine Killer. Then when "Fear For Me: A Novel of the Bayou Butcher" came out, again, I thought it was the first in a Bayou Butcher series. It wasn't until GoodReads added the label of (For Me #3) to this book that I understood how they all came together. (I had my suspicious but as I hadn't gotten to read the first two, I just didn't know!) Now it all makes sense - although you can read them each as standalones, the characters intermingle in their paths through twisted serial killer madness & mayhem to their true love experiences, which by the way, includes some sizzling sex scenes that will have you fanning yourself throughout! Cynthia Eden has long been one of my favorite paranormal romance authors and it is through her that I have also fallen in lust with the romantic suspense genre through her "Deadly" series and this book just seals the deal for me. In my eyes, Ms. Eden can do no wrong! If you want spectacular characters with well thought out plots, sensual love interests, and exceptionally portrayed monsters that may not be "supernatural" in origin but seem to define evil in real life (which, actually it's kinda worrisome that she can describe the thoughts of these vile villains so well...) then follow my lead and snap up everything this author writes as quick as you can! It will be worth it, I promise!

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The Accidental Werewolf 2: Something About Harry - Dakota Cassidy

There is a snippet of wisdom from 'Fresh Fiction' written on the back cover of this book and it reads: "Do yourself a favor and go buy everything that Dakota Cassidy has ever written." I agree with this sentiment with every particle of my being. I think everyone should have a badass vampire Nina in their lives. The close knit family of OOPS (and it IS a family) never ceases to amaze me with the depths of their warmth & compassion for others - even the total nutballs! I do have a couple of questions for OOPS though. First, wouldn't Guido be classified as an 'accidental' witch doctor and thusly be deserving of OOPS's services? He certainly proved himself in the long run but, doesn't his story of 'transformation' qualify him for their brand of 'help'? And, second...won't Mimi & Fletcher need to be brought into the fold & at the very least, be told of their uncle's 'condition' at some point and when that happens, why couldn't they be given the choice of becoming lycan or being made to 'forget' everything they had just been told (through Nina's vampiric mind-meld mesmerism)rather than Harry & Mara eventually outliving their charges? I'm guessing this would be covering brand new territory for the werewolf council but, I would think, as new situations arise, so to must the council - rise to the occasion as it were. Just a few thoughts on future possibilities. I can't wait for the next accidental story but I am absolutely quiviering in antici....pation for her new series with 'Talk Dirty to Me' coming up soon!!!

Love those hybrid demon brothers!

Call of the Siren  - Rosalie Lario

This is the 4th and final installment of the 'Demons of Infernum' series and it was fantastic! Now, you don't have to read the first three books in this series for this one to make sense however, I would defintely recommend reading them in order, if you can - it's just more fun! This time around, the story centered around the youngest sibling Dagan and his love interest turned out to be his brother Ronin's adopted angel sister Lina. You might think that this is an 'opposites attract' trope with a hunky demon (well, half-demon, half-siren)getting together with a gorgeous angel but, it played out very differently. They seemed like two peas in a pod to me. They both had horrific experiences in their past that left them feeling broken and unworthy of love. Both seeming to go through life on auto-pilot, not really living. It was amazing to watch them transform and grow, healing each other without even knowing it. Ms. Lario has written another incredible tale filed with fast-paced, heart-pounding action peppered with some hot, steamy goodness and has then balanced all of that with warmth, tenderness, and a dash of forgiveness. There were some poignant moments that will touch your heart and other scenes that will have you fanning yourself and wishing for more! I'm sad to see the end of the road for the brothers but, I feel like I'll be seeing them again...there seems to be a new member of their hybrid-brother party that is jumping up & down, screaming for some attention, just looking at his author for a story of his own. (Yes Rage, I'm lookin' at you!) 

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Hope Ignites - Jaci Burton

I can remember, as a little girl, these plastic and fabric fans that you could get to play pretend dress up with. You could pretend to be a fancy lady or some other such girly thing. I was much more of a tomboy but I loved those silly fans. I think this book, heck this whole series, needs to come packaged with one of those toy fans or maybe make some of them up with the gorgeous cover art to send out as 'SWAG' because trust me, you are gonna need something to cool off with when you read this one! It is as HOT as the Oklahoma summer that this book is centered in. I have to say that I normally don't like stories that involve 'celebrities'. I just find them all too phony or far-fetched. But, Des was written so well and so down to earth that I really enjoyed getting to know her character and Logan, whoo-boy! One broody, gorgeous, hunky cowboy - what's not to love?! It was wonderful to hear about Martha & Ben a bit more and of course it was so much fun to see some returning characters - Emma, Luke, Chelsea, Jane, & Will I'm lookin' at you! I also love the integration of all the animals. These characters treat all of their animals like part of the family without making it seem sappy or silly and I truly appreciate that point of view. I am so enamored with this author - I can't wait for the next book in this amazing series which looks to be Molly & Carter's story. Here's to fanning yourself because a book is just that smokin' hot!

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